Friday, January 20, 2012

Vacantion at Tampa, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale - Florida, USA

The next stop was Tampa Bay, we wanted to go to Disney World, however, was not a good weather for Orlando announced, so we opted for Bush Gardens, the park was really great. We stay here two days and saw us even a little the city has, Tampa has a very beautiful Old Town.

From Tampa, we're back down to the east coast, which we reached at the height of West Palm Beach and spent a night here. Palm Beach is all done it, but there are also many poser move.

The next day we went to Ft. Lauderdale on driving, because we have two post booked into a motel in order to spend two days at the beach and sightseeing. There we go down to the canal boat and have a few beautiful beach walks made, the water is turquoise and the sand is white, wonderful.

A day trip to Key West with Sunset Party, we have made, was already quite there, but is still a bit of a key Western tourist rip-off. In the shops where you can buy only uberteuertes stuff, and who needs all those things, where Mile 0 is it?

Our last days we spent more in Miami on the beach and in the Aventura Mall to shop for a bit.

Florida is really on, and a good alternative to Gran Canaria beach vacation just about Christmas. Otherwise it has to offer of course not quite as much as the south-west, but we certainly go back again sometime. Later, when we are retired.

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