Friday, January 20, 2012

Vacantion at Miami Florida, USA

We went to Florida, the weather is great as her destination.

This time we did not pre book all but up on the flight and one, night, we wanted to leave everything to come to us.

We arrived in Miami at night, so we had time to drive to the hotel to take a snack and dead tired at the booked Howard Johnson Miami, North Beach, to fall into bed.

The hotel was very good and was right on the beach, but what we have no further interest, because we were going to make us right on track. Miami, we wanted to look at the end of the trip because of the jerk flight went so well from there.

We drive through Everglades National Park, we stopped there for us crocodiles to look at and actually lying around here on the edge of the road just was a little queasy the feeling already, especially since we made signs at the risk and speed of the animals carefully. It read: "Please do not approach each no longer than 3 meters," but was not route as wide. But we made it alive from it.

In the evening we reached even Naples, where we see the second Spent the night.

A beautiful promenade and shopping street e invited to linger, but the place was pretty Overcrowed.

The next day we drive up to Sanibel Iceland, river a beautiful island where you can find great shells. The state parks of the island were all destroyed much of the previous autumn.

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