Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Holidays in the Rocky Mountains

Hardly any other area of the United States of America offers a similar level of natural beauty such as the Rocky Mountains. With only about four people per square kilometer, the mountain is one of the most isolated areas of the USA. Nevertheless, it attracts year after year, millions of hikers, skiers and other tourists.

A trekking holiday with a real cowboy and trapper Feeling

In many places, you will feel in the Rocky Mountains set in a western. The mountain range stretches over five thousand kilometers from north to south through Canada and the United States. Between the Pacific Coast and the Great Plains far to the west the mountains of North America was colonized late and rather sparse. The highest peak, Mount Elbert is, with 4,401 yards, the second highest mountain in the USA on the mainland. In addition, there are a number of famous national parks such as Yellowstone Park since the main source of tourism in this region is to be found almost always quickly a holiday home or a place to stay. In the high season is recommended to also book in advance, for example, over .