Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas in the United States of America

America mixed lot of Christmas traditions together. The right Christmas holidays begin with the Americans not on Christmas Eve but with the midnight mass on 25 December (Christmas Day). The gifts brings Santa Claus - so Santa Claus - the night before. He rushes on his reindeer sleigh through the night, climbs down the chimney and fills the stockings hung by the children by the fireplace or stair railing. Traditionally there are on Christmas Day, the Christmas Dinner, where mostly turkey is served. In order for the Christmas food is barely distinguishable from Thanksgiving dinner.Americans call Christmas or Christmas as X-mas, which in no way represents only a fashionable abbreviation, because the X is in the Greek spelling of the first letter of Christ. Before Christmas let the children in singing from house to house and get this little recognitions and candy gift. Americans are true for Christmas decoration world champion and staffieren their houses with all sorts of lights and figures from.

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