Saturday, August 17, 2013

Route 66: Tips for your travel

Route 66 is a legendary highway in the United States of America, which is especially popular motorcyclists. The circuit stands for freedom, adventure, freedom and optimism. Many United fans dream of one day Route 66 to drive a motorcycle along.

Story of a legend

The track was one of the first through the streets of America's West Coast. The starting point was in Chicago, Illinois. The nearly 4,000 kilometers conducted various states and end in Santa Monica, California. The original road passed through many villages, so there plenty of opportunities to stay there. Throughout history, the route has been changed many times and then replaced by new roads and highways. The legendary highway, which is partially unpaved lane and is now no longer consistently passable.

Route for nostalgics

To make the trip a real success on the route between Chicago and Santa Monica, good planning is essential. In any case, the papers are checked. Particularly important are the insurance companies. A degree is not required by law, but highly recommended. For concern is that a large proportion of vehicles in the U.S., driving without insurance on the streets. In case of an accident where there is so fast times unlucky. Since the storage space on this trip is limited, should be paid to functional and waterproof clothing. It is also recommended important tool and a first aid kit for emergency to have it. To stay on the track we find sufficient motels and hotels. In the area around California in the summer, however, you should reserve a night in advance. This is especially true for the weekend, because in this time here are many tourists and excursionists traveling.

A legendary highway as a holiday destination

Although Route 66 is no longer used officially belongs to the streets of America, a legendary highway as this is not to get dead. Numerous tourists and independent travelers who do not want to come on the fastest route from the East to the West Coast, but want to experience the myth of freedom and adventure, ensure that a variety motels and restaurants can live at the track well today. In the many souvenir shops you will find various things that will remind you of this trip for a long time.

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