Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Traveling on Highway 1 - from Miami to Portland

Those wishing to explore the east coast of the United States on their own should take a car and U.S. Highway 1, the most southern point of Florida and Fort Kent connects to the Canadian border each other, travel along. The route passes many places worth visiting and worth it to plan many stopovers.

A car ride as a tour of discovery

No one would probably get the idea, the nearly 4,000-kilometer route parallel to the east coast of the United States to travel without any major breaks. That really would not make sense, because the famous highway that leads from South Florida to the Canadian border of the United States, combines many famous cities. The U.S. highways that run in a north-south direction, were from the east coast numbered starting, so the famous route was the No.1. This term she has earned, without exaggeration - what there is to see along this stretch is really spectacular. Anyone planning this trip should bring enough time to miss anything.

Tourist highlights without end

Key West is known to many Florida tourists because here the southernmost point on the American continent belongs to the United States is. Here starts or ends the tour. Miami is the first major town on the route. The trail continues through the huge plantations of Georgia, where former slaves toiled. Everywhere there is the opportunity to rent an apartment and to make a trip to the beach. Washington DC is the capital of the United States. Considered once the White House from nearby - this can be probably no tourist escape from his flying visit. Continue toward Baltimore. The city is famous not only because of the large port. Unfortunately, not enough time to look and linger, because New York City and Philadelphia are also with their world-famous sights in this unique way.

From Miami to Portland

A visit to Boston is also worth, Boston is one of the oldest and wealthiest cities of the vast country. . Comes the car finally arrived in Portland, a dream trip comes to an end, because in Fort Kent to reach the border with Canada who drive a lot, you need a place to rest - for example, in apartments of Atraveo that offer all the comfort you wish .

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