Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SeaWorld - Florida

An experience for all adults and especially for children who want to learn more about this adventure park, the underwater world of our planet. Marvel at otters, sharks, rays, dolphins, whales or penguins. Highlights include the sea lion show, the Whale and Dolphin Theatre, "Shark Encounter" or "Wild Arctic" where the animals of the Arctic are presented. The star among the attractions at SeaWorld Park is the "Shamu Show" at the Orca whales through your dressage draw attention to themselves. As a visitor, you also have the rear seats of the full view, as a video screen for all the events viewer makes visible. The swimming pool is partly made of acrylic glass which can take a look at the water surface. Furthermore, there is Dolphin Cove, a dolphin area where your children can pet the marine mammals as well. In the evening Mistify provides a spectacular night show with fireworks and lighting effects for all visitors who seek the thrill, the Kraken was built. A high-speed roller-track the fastest and longest one to Orlando. Also interesting and as exciting of Manta, another roller coaster of your breath is bringing to a standstill. Should that be too extreme, then there's the Shamu Express, a family roller coaster with the SeaWorld star. Another attraction is the sunken Atlantis, which you can explore a log flumeAt SeaWorld, as well as in the other parks in the city for the physical well taken care of. Let your kids some breakfast with Elmo from Sesame Street or enjoy a lunch at the "Sharks" Underwater Grill.

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