Monday, March 12, 2012

Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral

The NASA space center is located about 50 miles east of Orlando and is one of the main attractions of the state of Florida. When they then decided an aerospace center to be based on the barrier island, the foundation stone for the exploration of the universe was formed. NASA, which was founded in the late fifties, took over the space center and has since coordinated the execution of all space missions. Where would the industry or economy today without all of those inventions that were developed by the space are. These discoveries were made possible only through an extensive research program.

The Space Center consists of five main parts. These include the "KSC Industrial Area" (Ver-stration, etc.), the launch pads, the over 4.5 km long runway for the shuttle, the actual launch site and the visitor center. Car service is available to travel to Cape Canaveral There also start at different bus tours. One of these tours will take about 2 hours, with stops at the Observation Deck, and Apollo / Saturn 5 Center. In this complex, a complete Saturn 5 rocket is built up, whose dimensions are truly impressive. Several satellites are on display in the building and also exhibits some can even be touched.

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